Bursting with images of gorgeous gardens, farms and their harvests, Locavore the book celebrates the beauty, flavour and earthy pleasures of Shoalhaven food and the people who produce it. OUT NOW.

Meanwhile watch this space for the Locavore journey and some stories along the way.

May 17, 2011

Sold Out!
It is Autumn again in beautiful Berry and almost two years since we first hatched the idea of Locavore on my back deck. It has been a huge journey and our heads are still abuzz with the great people we have met and feedback we have had along the way.
Our latest news is that we have already sold out of books! It happened much faster than we imagined and has left us wondering what next? There are an ever increasing number of potential subjects for another book in the Shoalhaven and we are keeping our eyes peeled.
But meanwhile we are catching our breath and catching up with the life we have neglected over the last two years. We will keep you all posted as things develop and thank everyone for taking the journey with us.
Katie and Amy

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